5. Roles and Statuses
This section describes user statuses, as well as capabilities of players at different levels. Scroll through the cards and read the roles description. On the current status card, you will see the inscription "This is your level". Click on the card to expand the information.

A higher status can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Buy for the in-game currency, $FD. Make sure you have enough tokens in your wallet. Earn $FD for completing quests or buy Fairy Dust through the Top up button.
  2. Open with NFT. Tokens to get a new level can be won, bought or received from another platform member. If you have NFT, write a message "I want to open a level with NFT" in Telegram to the site administrators..


After signing up, you get the Guest level. In this role, you get acquainted with the Magical CryptoFairies World, visit the starting locations, complete the first quests and start earning.

  1. Develop your personal profile, upgrade and monetize your skills.
  2. Explore the Magic World, visit gaming locations, join communities and project teams.
  3. Complete quests and get Fairy Dust — $FD.
  4. Use $FD to develop and earn passive income.
  5. Invite friends and associates
  6. Set up notifications and build p2p connections. Get information that helps you grow and earn.
  7. Study the "Book of Knowledge" — the rules of the gaming platform and the DAO community, to develop faster and increase profits.
Learn to play, explore the virtual CF world, get your first income in $FD and unlock new levels.

Star status throws open new locations and quests, provides access to membership communities, as well as to the CryptoFairies team. This role is most often chosen by freelancers and gamers.

The Star level is suitable for those who want to take active part in the CryptoFairies DAO development, like to play and make money on games, seek to monetize competencies and expand social circle.

  1. Use all the opportunities available for Guest status.
  2. Open Star level locations where you can earn more $FD and NFT, as well as participate in the implementation of large projects.
  3. Get access to communities of gaming locations.
  4. Join the CF platform team.

Grow, earn and shine with CryptoFairies.

As a Patronus, you can create and develop a gaming guild, earn money by promoting products and services of the platform members.

The Patronus role suits users with a wide social circle and a large number of social media followers. Patronuses mingle in the digital community, follow trends and keep an eye on new projects. Most commonly it is bloggers and opinion leaders who play on the platform in this status.

  1. Enjoy all opportunities available to the Star users.
  2. Arrange a gaming guild.
  3. Develop and monetize your community.
  4. Create and upgrade game locations.
  5. Make money by promoting NFTs.

Build a community on the CF platform, advertise partner projects and gain additional income.

Promote your business at the CF platform with PRO status.

PRO level users gamify their business, pack up products and services in NFTs, attract new audiences and get additional sources of income. PRO status is suitable for startups and entrepreneurs.

  1. Use all opportunities of the Patronus status.
  2. Launch and develop gaming locations that reflect the nature of your business, startup or project.
  3. Create quests to attract and engage your audience.
  4. Create NFTs and rewards for your goods and services.
  5. Recruit new team members.

Tell users about your products in a gaming format, attract more buyers and investors at the CF site.

Invest in new gaming businesses. Be the first and get more income by entering projects at the early stages of development.

Choose VIP status if you are good at analyzing business prospects, have knowledge and experience in money management, understand investments, want to increase your investment income and can also help startups achieve better results.

The VIP level opens up locations and quests for investors. They present projects and businesses in which you can invest and receive additional income. Investors registered at the CF platform distribute their assets across different locations, projects and businesses, and reduce the risk of failure.

  1. Use the opportunities of all the statuses available at the site.
  2. Earn more with staking and farming.
  3. Invest in platform development, distribute assets between projects.
  4. Use DeFi tools and increase your investments security.
  5. Grow your capital, keep an eye on startups development, guide projects to achieve common goals.

Apply the tools of the CF platform, invest in a growing business and increase your capital.