9. Quests. Creating and Managing
You can create a quest for various tasks: presenting a product or service, arranging a giveaway, gamifying workflows, attracting performers, consumers or investors. Create interesting gaming tasks, attract more players, expand your audience and use new tools for interacting with colleagues. Give winners unique NFTs and promo prizes, create additional monetization channels.

How to Create a Quest

Quests can be created only by community participants and location team members whose status is higher than the "Guest" level.

Attention! $FD tokens in the amount of the quest participants' reward will be deducted from your wallet. This sum will be frozen for the reward payment. For repeating quests, the total amount of all rewards is subject to freezing. If you create a 1$FD quest that users can complete 100 times, 100$FD will be deducted from your account. If the quest is closed, $FD tokens will be returned to your wallet.

To create a quest, go to the location page and click the "Create Quest" button.
1) On the page opened, set the quest parameters:
  • legendary or not;
  • one-time or repeating — depends on how many times a user can complete the quest; for repeating quests, specify the number of quest copies available to players;
  • quest completion time — no time limits, with a timer, with a deadline;
  • geolocation — optionally, choose your country and city.
2) Fill in the text fields:
  • enter the name of the quest;
  • write a short and full description;
  • describe the conditions for completing the quest — instructions will be available to users after the quest is activated.
3) Attach files required to complete the quest.
4) Select quest administrators from the location team members. Click on the search bar to download the list of moderators.
5) Choose a picture of the quest.
6) Specify the cost of the quest activation and the currency.
7) Set the currency and the amount of reward for completing the task.

8) Add hashtags of skills that can be upgraded during the quest.
9) Click the "Create" button. An application for creating a quest will be sent to the location owner and the platform moderator for verification.

If you need to leave the page during the process of the quest creating, save a draft. You can continue from the same point later.

When the quest is approved, it will become available for publication. Post the quest at the location page in the quest management section. After that, the location participants, as well as users whose interests match the quest skill hashtags, will be notified about a new task.

How to Manage Quests

Quests can be managed by team members and location owners.

All the quests created in the location are displayed on the location main screen. Click on the corresponding card to go to the quest page.

At the quest page, team members have an additional menu for managing the quest. From this menu you can switch to edit mode, view user requests and notifications.

Open the quest and click the "Requests and passages" button in the side menu. On the opened page, you will see users who have joined the quest, have been completing tasks, or have already finished the quest.

Click the "All" button to see a list of active users. Near the player's name, quest progress is displayed: submitted an application for starting, in the process of completing the task, awaiting the results verification, finished successfully, revision is required.
All the quest management page, you can do the following:
  1. Accept or deny a user's request for a quest starting.
  2. Get information about the progress.
  3. Approve or reject the result. Add comments with the reasons for declining or give recommendations for improvements.
How to Edit Quests

Quest creators and administrators can edit, delete, or postpone the quest.

To make changes, open the quest page and click the "Edit" button in the side menu.
You can change the previously set parameters, description, conditions for completing, rewards and other data. After editing, submit the quest for re-approval to the platform administrators and location owners.

If you need to leave the page while editing the quest, save the draft. You can continue working later.

Attention! If a user has activated and is completing the quest, you will not be able to change the available number of runs and the amount of the reward.
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