11. How to Make Profit at the CryptoFairies Platform?
The CF platform provides tools to increase income for different user categories. The members can earn active income: complete quests, profit off of advertising, perform business tasks for a fee, sell NFTs, or join a team of specialists with a stable salary. In addition, platform users receive passive income. Profit can be made using staking and farming tools. Owners of $FD and NFT tokens earn on the growth in the assets value, as well as invest in beginning projects and increase their capital.

Freelancers and Gamers

Complete quests and get $FD tokens. Everyone will find a task according to their abilities — the platform suggests tasks of different complexity.

In some quests, you just need to read an article, watch a video, or repost on social media. In other tasks, you will be able to show professional qualities — develop a website or application, create design elements, write an article or post, draw up a marketing plan, propose a strategy to increase sales. Your services will be paid in Fairy Dust. $FD tokens can be exchanged for USDT stablecoins and pulled to fiat currency.

Bloggers and Community Leaders

Assemble a gaming guild and monetize your community. Invite your fellows to the platform, tell subscribers about the virtual CryptoFairies world, earn money by promoting partners' goods and services.

If you run a popular blog, have a high media outreach, you always keep in touch with your followers and want to earn more, use additional monetization channels of the CF platform. The site offers quests for influencers and bloggers. For example, tell subscribers about partner products, shoot unpacking video, or bring twenty new users to the location. You will also receive a commission for selling products and services of CF platform members.

Business and Startups

Attract investors and buyers with the help of gaming mechanics. Business gamification will open up new channels for interacting with the audience.

Launch a location for your project and create quests with tasks for freelance specialists, potential consumers and investors.

Promote your products on the platform, introduce users to your business, use new advertising channels. Transform your offer in NFT and get additional funding sources.


Distribute investments between projects, participate in the startups development and get passive income using the CF platform tools.

Complete special quests for investors and get Fairy Dust. Earn on the growth of the $FD rate. Buy unique NFTs from infant companies at the lowest price. Choose promising projects and invest in a new business. Share your experience, suggest the most successful directions for startups development, help grow corporate giants and increase your capital. Use staking and farming tools to increase your passive income.

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