13. How to Join the CryptoFairies Team?
Members of the CryptoFairies team ensure the platform operation, develop and promote other company products, communicate with customers and partners, analyze markets, create text and visual content, and manage project teams. More locations and quests are open to team members, they receive additional bonuses and rewards.

The CF team is open to new members. We are working on several projects and are looking for professionals from different fields: managers, marketers, developers, designers, text writers, editors, creators, salespeople and other specialists.

What kind of person is the CF team member?
  • He believes in the idea of ​​the project, sees the prospects of the platform.
  • He grows with the team, improves his hard and soft skills at the CryptoFairies platform.
  • This person is ready to share ideas and suggestions for the platform development.
  • He is interested in digital projects, startups, IT technologies, investments.
  • This guy respects other team members and site users.
  • He is responsible and accurate.

What will you get by joining the C6?
  • Stable remuneration. We make settlements for each completed task.
  • Permanent employment. The CryptoFairies team leads several projects with a large amount of work. The number of tasks grows as the platform develops.
  • Free schedule. Work at a convenient time, combine participation in a team with other activities.
  • Friendly team. Ask questions, seek advice, get support from like-minded people.
  • Growth and development. In the CF team, you will participate in projects from different areas, you will receive diverse tasks, and you will be able to register for educational courses at the platform.

How to become a team member?
1) Register at the CF platform.
2) Fill in your personal profile.
3) Read the materials on the CryptoFairies project.
  • Project presentation.
  • Platform rules.
4) Join the location "Fairy Gates" and complete the mandatory quests: "I do Exist" and "Rules of the Game".
5) Fill in the questionnaire for a role in the CF team.

Project managers will consider your application, determine the optimal role in the team and offer terms of cooperation.

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