14. How to Increase Sales of Products and Services Using the Gaming Location?
The CF platform suggests business some additional advertising channels, provides mechanics for engaging and retaining the audience, as well as tools for raising capital. Gamify your project and grow your company with CryptoFairies.

Each location of the CryptoFairies platform is a separate business unit. Locations represent companies, startups, business departments, communities of like-minded people and colleagues.

The main purpose of creating locations is to pitch a business or product to the audience, attract buyers and investors, and find employees.

What should you do to increase sales through CF platform locations?
  • Design the location so that the required audience is interested in the project and exhibit activity.
  • Create product promotion quests: invite users to share information on social media, engage bloggers and community leaders, run airdrops and promotions.
  • Find qualified salespeople and marketers. Open quests for specialists and use relevant skill hashtags.
  • Transform a product or service in NFT. Sell ​​NFTs and offer tokens as rewards for completing tasks. You will get an additional audience and sources of funding.
  • Work with experienced investors, analysts and visionaries. Post quests in which capitalists will suggest profitable ways for business development, share advice or offer partnerships. Study the recommendations and adjust your strategy.
  • Collaborate with teams from other locations. Create unions, delegate tasks to specialists, find performers, partners or co-founders.

The CryptoFairies platform will help you make meaningful connections, move your business to a Web 3.0 environment, and give you the tools to work with consumers, teams and investors.
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