4. Gaming Platform Navigation and Menu
In this section, we have described the main interface elements and menu items of the CryptoFairies platform. Read this paragraph and navigate the site more easily.

Top Navigation Bar

The top navigation bar of the platform contains the following components:
  • CF logo;
  • the NFT Mint link leading to the NFT CF KEY minting page;
  • the Sale link leading to the sales department site;
  • the Game Rules link for learning the rules of tge platform;
  • language switching button;
  • game wallet balance;
  • blockchain selection button;
  • the Top up button to replenish the balance;
  • bell icon with the number of unread notifications;
  • user avatar to go to your personal account.

Side Menu

The side menu displays navigation buttons leading to the main sections of the gaming platform.

  • Personal profile — viewing and editing information about the player.
  • Locations — viewing available game locations.
  • Quests — viewing available quests.
  • NFT — navigation to the NFT minting site.
  • Notifications — viewing notifications.
  • Log out — exit from your personal profile to the start page of the CryptoFairies platform.
  • Admin — available only to the gaming platform administrators.


The notifications menu displays messages from administrators and other members of the platform.

You can view notifications and requests by types:
  • locations — messages related to activity in open or created locations;
  • quests — notifications about the progress and verification of tasks, information about new available quests;
  • my — messages related to your actions on the platform: notifications about opening a new status or about receiving a reward;
  • hashtags — notifications according to the hashtags specified in your profile: messages about users with similar interests, about quests and locations where you can develop your skills;
  • transactions — history of debiting and accruing $FD; information on the master and bonus accounts is available.

At the notification tab you will see the number of unread messages from this category.

Footer is located at the bottom of each page of the site. Here you can find the links to substantial materials related to the project.

Fairy links:

  • CryptoFairies Legend — light fantasy for deeper immersion to the CryptoFairies virtual world. The book contains the history of the CryptoFairies Kingdom, legends of locations, as well as descriptions of magical characters and artifacts.
  • Gaming platform presentation — materials for getting acquainted with the CryptoFairies project.
  • The white paper of the CryptoFairies project, including a roadmap, description of the mission, technologies used, economic model, strategy and tokenomics.
  • Motty Chatbot — user support, answering questions, resolving problems.
  • Privacy Policy.

The Fairy Gates block contains links to the project social channels.

  1. Telegram
  2. Discord
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Facebook
  6. Medium
  7. LinkedIn
  8. OpenSea
  9. NFTrade