7. Gaming Locations. Creating and Developing
Assemble a team, form a community, pitch your business or project to the public in the CryptoFairies gaming location. Attract buyers and investors, find partners or like-minded people for collaborations, promote your products and services in quests. Locations can be created by PRO and VIP users, as well as CF team members.

How to Create a Location

Go to the "Created by me" tab and click the "Create Location" button. The application form for creating a location will open.
Field in all fields.
  • Give the location a name.
  • Give a short and full description.
  • Create a logo.
  • Upload a picture of the location.
  • Choose a geolocation — specify your country and city.
  • In the column "Location owner" your data will be loaded automatically.
  • Put down hashtags of interests and talents that can be upgraded in the location.
  • Specify location chats in social networks.
  • Select the statuses of users who can access the location — Guest, Star, Patronus, PRO or VIP.
  • Set the conditions for entering the location - open or private access through moderation;
  • Specify the entrance fee if you create a chargeable location.

After filling in the form, click the "Create" button. Platform administrators will check your application and notify you about the new location approval.

When your location passes moderation, you will be able to create quests, rewards and NFTs, as well as edit and manage the location development.

How to Administer a Location

Creators and administrators manage locations through an additional side menu.
Using this menu you can:
  • read and edit location information,
  • add and delete team members,
  • view notifications related to the location.

How to Change Location Information

The location description and parameters can be changed by the owner, administrator, and other team members. Edit mode is opened by clicking "Edit location" in the additional side menu.

Click the "Unpublished" button to make changes, and the location will pause.
You can change the data of any fields filled in when creating a location. In edit mode, administrators also set the roles of the team members.

After making changes, click on the "Review" button. The application will be sent for moderation. After the changes are approved, the location information will be updated.

Location Team
The Location team page displays all team members and community participants. The creator and administrator are marked as "Owner" and "Admin".

In this section, team members can remove members of the gaming location. Use the search bar to find the user.

Also from this page you can share a direct link to the location.

Location Management
This section displays notifications about user activity within the location. Notifications can be viewed by the creator and the location team.

Notification types:
  • application for entry to the location;
  • application for joining the location team;
  • request to create a quest;
  • request to complete a quest;
  • quest finish confirmation message.

A user can view notifications, mark them as read or react to a notification by clicking on the button.