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Fairyland AR Game
Fabulous Treasures
of Georgia

The Georgian capital tastes delicious and juicy, sounds loud and shines bright.
Add more color and spice to your journey with the Fairyland AR game.
Visit the sights, learn Georgian history and culture in the company of fantastic characters, win prizes and create unique content.
Tbilisi Tour With Fairyland — New Format of Educational Excursions
Old city, sulfur baths, the Bridge of Peace, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Mtatsminda park and others.
from the game in HD quality. Fill your blog with the content at the level of Columbia Pictures.
about the culture of Georgia and the history of the capital from an audio guide in 7 languages.
Unlike one-time rides on attractions lasting about 15 minutes, you can play Fairyland all day long.
of tourists posing near waterfalls and buildings. Make amazing photos and videos with game characters and magical artifacts.
After completing quests, you will receive game points or rewards from sponsors and project partners.
A usual city tour will cost $15.
Visit the Most Popular Sightseeings of Tbilisi
Get photos and videos
Learn interesting facts
Enjoy adventure all day long
Stand out from the crowd
Win real and digital prizes
The cost of the game is $5.
The Fairytale has Bursted Into Our World. Follow the Path of the Ancient Wizard and Unravel his Mysterious Message.
The powerful magician Zaza moved from the Magic World to Georgia three thousand years ago. For many centuries he watched the development of the country, studied the Georgian people and collected secret knowledge about the wonderful lands of Georgia. Zaza left a legacy to his descendants — magical flowers that reveal the mysteries of the ancient country and show the way to the inexhaustible treasures of Tbilisi.
Let's hit the road! Look for magical flowers, help Zaza's friends and accept gifts from the generous and hospitable residents of Tbilisi.
Zaza sent to his friends in the Fairy World a letter and a map showing locations of the wonderful flower beds. Together with the fairies from the Fairy World, you will walk the path of Zaza, get acquainted with the history and culture of Georgia, find hidden blessings and feel the magic of the ancient city.
Become a Pioneer on the Fabulous Paths of Fairyland AR Game
We are gathering the first participants to test the demo game. Be one of the first explorers of Tbilisi in augmented reality.
How is the game going?

За прохождение квестов ты получишь игровые баллы и награды, которые в конце путешествия сможешь обменять на реальные или цифровые призы.

Пройдя весь маршрут, ты получишь не только массу ярких впечатлений, но и цифровой альбом с качественными фото и видео на фоне достопримечательностей, сказочных персонажей и объектов. При желании ты можешь получить настоящий альбом с интерактивными снимками.

Forget about boring excursions accompanied by the monotonous speech of the guide. Explore tourist routes with Fairyland quests
In the game, you will perform various tasks for attentiveness, broadening your horizons, erudition, and creating content.
Quests, rewards and game points are hidden in the buds.
and exploration of the area. Solve secret codes and ciphers.
A video story of your adventures will be made using this content.
An audio guide or magic helpers will give you some hints.
and get a pass to new locations.
Game points and bonus rewards are hidden in secret hideouts.
and break the way to the magical universe.
Find magical flowers
Complete tasks for attention
Take photos and videos
Solve riddles and answer quiz questions
Open magical portals
Find treasures, chests and secrets
Complete quests from FairyWorld
How to Join the Game?
Download the app from the AppStore or Google Play. Register on the app.
Check out a short guide on the app and AR tours.
Play the demo. This way you will make sure that your phone supports AR technology, as well as check the quality of the Internet.
Buy a ticket for $5 in a convenient way.
Enjoy the tour in augmented reality, complete quests, earn game points and rewards.
Win prizes, get unique photo and video content.
Become a Pioneer on the Fabulous Paths of Fairyland AR Game
We invite the first participants to test the demo game. Be one of the first explorers of Tbilisi in augmented reality.
Our Partners
Participate in the Fairy Land Augmented Reality Events as a sponsoring partner. Event partners speak to the participants and talk about the benefits of their products and services, integrate brand advertising into AR games and quests, promote business through the FairyWorld channels.
You can choose a suitable sponsorship package or offer your own terms of cooperation. Watch the presentation of the project to learn more about the business opportunities offered by FairyWorld.
and Distributors

and Investors
The Fairyland team welcomes everyone, who has experience in sales, wants to grow at the AR market together with our company, and is ready to sell games and game tickets.
Integrate your advertising into Fairyland AR games. You will get a new, memorable way to promote products and services.
Let's build a joint business and create AR games in different parts of the world as partners.
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